Dear Corporate Executive:

We get it. The world is changing at an incredible pace and your customers’ expectations are changing even faster. Everywhere you look, startups threaten to disrupt you. You desire the brightest talent, but they would rather work for Google. You want to be ahead of the curve, but wonder, “How?” So you hire a top management consultancy, and they present these options in a polished deck: 

  • Build an off-site innovation lab

  • Run internal hackathons

  • Distribute "employee innovation kits"  

You’re excited for a new company era of reinvention and rising profits. You eagerly approve the budgets.

Fast-forward a few years. After spending millions, your hope has turned sour. Your company has a fancy new app, but customers still complain about lackluster services and products. Worse, your employees are more discouraged than ever. They’ve watched their ideas die on the vine because of countless internal barriers. They start to believe this innovation business is all for show. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

To create truly compelling products and services, innovation must become a part of your company's DNA.

You must ask yourself:

  • How do we improve customer experience despite the constraints of legacy technology and compliance?

  • How do we foster a corporate culture that embraces experimentation and failure?

  • How do we navigate internal politics and silos to bring innovation vision to market?

At Journey, we get you to the answers. Through our Minimum Viable Innovation (MVI) approach, we help you pilot a repeatable and effective innovation process — without the high risk and the large capital investment.

And by the way, we don’t just talk about innovation strategy. We get our hands dirty to design and build alongside your teams, equipping them with tools and skills to innovate continuously. Whether that means building prototype version #17, or finding test user #68 — we'll be there, because we know that execution is everything.

You might be thinking, “why Journey?”

We’re a team of serial entrepreneurs, designers, and systems thinkers. This is what we live and breathe. Through years of working with both startups and dinosaurs, we’ve learned first-hand what's essential for innovation to thrive from within.  

What are you waiting for? We've got a cup of coffee with your name on it.



Journey has a passion for results. Their main goal is to empower your team to understand how they can innovate to improve the customer experience. They guide your team to where they need to be in order to get ahead of the curve in today’s highly competitive and complex business environment.
— Ron Bremner, CEO of Gold Medal Consulting


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