Discount Car & Truck Rentals


Pain Points

  • Low customer satisfaction rating due to legacy service management processes at branch locations
  • Reservation website issues; low in clarity, accessibility and usability
  • Lagging behind competitors' service innovations
  • Stressed service staff; high turnover rate


How can we help Discount increase sales and customer satisfaction during the reservation and pick-up process?


  • Explorative research to understand the current customer and staff experience
  • Co-creation workshops unifying stakeholders to prioritize problem areas and pilot new solutions


  • Website redesign resulting in increased online reservation traffic by average 12% per month
  • Based on our solutions methodology data, collaboratively launched a new service feature at a pilot branch within 6 months.
  • Substantial improvement in user experience and brand perception. “This is one of the best experiences for car rentals that I’ve come across. I would highly recommend Discount!’ – Customer: Jennifer Mississauga, Ontario

With Journey, you get the rare presence of technology married to the understanding of human behavior and human nature. Whether it was our customers or our employees, Journey are keen observers who take a 360-degree look at all the components involved, in order to come up with the best way of fostering innovation.
— Jay Singer, CEO of Discount Car & Truck Rentals

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