Create a thriving culture that drives sustainable innovative solutions

Innovations starts with equipping your team with the right skills, tools, and processes. Is your team setup for today's fast-paced world? 

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Journey helps organizations with evolving their cultures and innovative capabilities by shifting the mindsets, and therefore the environments, of their leaders and employees.

Our Learning Through Action workshops empowers organizations to create innovative experiences with their teams for their customers.

The first step is understanding the major challenges faced by your organization. Complete the form and Journey will contact you to help identify the best workshop topic for your organization's needs.


Journey provided the Venture for Canada Fellows with a fantastic experience. They imparted valuable skills and lessons on fostering sustainable innovation cultures by providing extremely well executed and actionable workshops as part of our 2016 Fellow Training Camp. This helped foster Fellows to envision and execute more effectively within Canada’s leading startups. I would not hesitate in recommending the Journey team.
— Scott Stirrett, Executive Director + Founder, Venture for Canada

Some of our popular workshop topics

  • Innovation starts at how we run meetings. Often, meetings are "make work" and not as productive as we'd like. Learn how to transform meetings to work better, smarter, and more effectively.

  • What is the future of work? How do you create and foster a responsive, iterative process that builds products and services that customers love? How do you move fast enough to stay ahead of the curve?

  • Avoiding the blame game: how to fail forwards. Failure isn't a step back, it's a learning opportunity for how to do better for next time. It's time organizations start embracing failure.