How We Drive Innovation


We identify new market opportunities through:

  • Customer / staff interviews
  • Field research
  • Journey mapping
  • Market analysis


We envision and execute through:

  • Co-creation sessions
  • Visual facilitation
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 
  • Minimum Viable Service (MVS)
  • End-to-end testing
  • 360° analytics


We evolve organizations through:

  • Minimum Viable Innovation (MVI)
  • Cultural shift strategy
  • Team training and workshops
  • Proprietary tools and processes


Journey is the best at creating an environment of openness to get at the ideas awaiting an organization. Their proprietary process, through a millennial lens, is then applied to the open environment. The first result is the identification of the gaps to innovation which hinders most organization. The final result is the development, delivery and execution of practical solutions to close the gaps and unleashing new ways and savings for an organization. It’s an industry first.
— Andrea Matheson, CEO of Sapphire Health

Fostering a sustainable culture of innovation isn't easy.

It comes down to changing how we approach work: lean execution combined with empathy and a fail-forward mindset. Our popular workshops have equipped companies  across four time zones with the skills, tools, and processes to drive innovative experiences.